Other information

Sick child questions and inclement weather information are both listed in the parent handbook. 

Please ask for a copy of the parent handbook when you visit the Center. 

Our schedule and important notices will be listed on our News & Events section of the website.

Parents are encouraged to sign up for daily communication through Brightwheel and Remind.  

Brightweel is real-time communication between teachers and families.  Families are frequently updated about meal time and potty times.  Pictures and messages are also shared on Brightwheel.  Parents are given a code that is unique to the enrolled child.

Remind is also a communication tool that connects the Director with families about important dates such as closures, school events and more.  Please see the Director on how to sign up for both.

If you have comments and/or suggestions you would like to share with the Board of Directors, please submit them on this online, anonymous suggestion box or directly to our email address at


Top Three Reasons to Participate
  1. You can influence the direction of the Center. Each year these active parents elect a representative to the Board of Directors. 
  2. The parent's association sponsors fun and educational activities for the kids as well as coordinates staff appreciation. 
  3. You will know what is going on with the center and your child. 


Most parents find that taking part in the center helps them get to know other parents and feel comfortable with the love and education their child receives while the parent is away. Parents may choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities such as yard work, painting, playing guitar with the kids, or another special project. Parents are encouraged to assist with fundraising projects since these projects directly benefit the children and the teachers. Parents are always encouraged to spend time with their children at the center. This may involve reading a story, playing with the child (and friends) in the blocks or housekeeping area, or helping in another activity.

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